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I could not have asked for a better DJ...

"Shawn was wonderful! My husband and I could not have asked for a better DJ on our special day. He did such an amazing job and really made it all about us and exactly what we wanted. Our wedding reception went so smooth all because of him. Shawn really listened to our requests and made them all happen. He truly went above and beyond to make the best day of our lives so memorable. Such amazing customer service, organization, professionalism, kindness and very detail oriented. Shawn made us and our guests have such an unforgettable night."

-Amanda and Jake Mushrush-

Wedding - Bayfront Sheraton

Erie, Pennsylvania

"Choosing Shawn as our DJ was easily one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. He was amazing from start to finish! While planning, he was very responsive to emails and we always felt like he had everything under control. I thought I had picked out the ceremony music that I wanted, but he knows so many songs and genres that his suggestions were even more perfect than I could have dreamed! On our actual wedding day, Shawn was outstanding. He was on time, set up, ready to go and basically walked us through the best day of our life. We asked him to bring Up-Lighting and to make a photo montage that played on a TV all night and he knocked both out of the park. He has great taste in music and can read a crowd like no DJ I've ever seen at a wedding. He had 95% percent of our guests on the dance floor all night and for weeks after the wedding, we heard nothing but how fun our wedding was, which we attribute mostly to Shawn! Seriously, pick him as your DJ, you won't regret it!"

-Cassandra and Travis Betourney-

Wedding - Peek N' Peak Retreat

Clymer, New York

"Shawn Steele did a phenomenal job! We couldn't have asked for a better DJ. I made a request to have Halloween music played during cocktail hour and he made it happen! We just want to thank you for making our day amazing! Everything was perfect!! Your personality, your main concern was on us, making sure we were having a great time. Getting the people to get up and dance…. I could go on and on. I loved how you get the crowd going from the time you announce the wedding party until the last song of the night! With Memories In Motion, you don't have to worry about a thing!  

P.S. We still have people talking about how amazing everything was!!!!"

-Erica and Brandon Northrup-

Wedding - Courtyard Marriott Ambassador

Erie, Pennsylvania

Shawn ensured that this was our day...

"Thank you! You were awesome! Everything was perfect!! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! We really enjoyed your enthusiasm and genuine care to put our wants and needs first. Music is a very important part of our lives and we felt that you understood that immediately. I completely 100% trusted you – we both did. The music was on point!! You kept everything on schedule (I am a control freak so this made me VERY HAPPY) and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. All of our guests enjoyed the music and had a fabulous time dancing! Make sure you get Shawn, he's the BEST! He will take all the stress off of you and you can enjoy the day! He knows exactly what he's doing so you don't have to worry about a thing, plus he is fun, full of energy and knows how to get your guests moving. You were the BEST and we felt like you were a part of the family.

You ROCK!"

-Lilia and Justin Hall-

Wedding - Whispering Trees Manor

Edinboro, Pennsylvania

"From the moment we entered your office we felt the only thing that mattered was the happiness of my husband and I. Shawn heard my concerns and made sure everything was exactly the way I wanted it. You were one of the most amazing things about our wedding. Our entrance was fantastic!! It was such a sweet moment of the day. When we talk about our wedding day, your service still stands out to us every time. We recommend you to anyone we talk with and spread the word of the amazing things you did for us. You not only took the role of the DJ, but also my coordinator. We cannot say thank you enough for the absolutely wonderful and amazing service you provided to us!! You are 100% worth every single penny and more!! from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!!!"

-Katie and Michael Huba-

Wedding - Erie Art Museum

Erie, Pennsylvania

“We had planned on meeting with several DJs to make a decision, but after meeting with Shawn we knew we were going to choose him. His enthusiasm and love of music and the job was evident from the beginning of the meeting. We couldn't be happier with how you treated us and what you did to enhance our day. Everyone danced. People were up and moving from the beginning to the very end. Shawn incorporated music from when I was younger that brought back memories for me and really made it a special night. He got me on the dance-floor a few times which is something that has never happened at weddings before. The experience was fantastic and the way that you handle the room was unlike anything I have ever seen from a DJ at a wedding. It was a great day and you helped make it that way. Shawn ensured that this was our day and he did everything in his power to make sure the bride and groom were the center of attention. I can't say enough of what an amazing job he did! Don't even bother interviewing anyone else.”

-Carly and Kevin Pollock Jr.-

Wedding - #BayfrontSheratonEriePa

Erie, Pennsylvania

A DJ can make or break a wedding reception.

"Our guests had so much fun at the wedding, all thanks to you. I've always thought a DJ can make or break a wedding reception - and I believe you made ours.  No one wanted to leave - which is a huge testiment to what a great job you did at keeping people interested and excited to celebrate.  Thank you for being part of our 'A-Team' and making our night something we will remember forever. It was so memorable to be surrounded by our friends and family and see them all enjoying themselves and celebrating with us!  You were  working  seamlessly beind the scenes to keep things flowing smoothly so we didn't have to worry about the details.  You will leave every meeting or pnone call with a smile on your face because he  has this infectious energy and excitement, coupled with a can-do attitude, that let's you know that no matter what might happen, he's going to find a way to make your night exactly like you imagined."

-Melissa and Chris McVey-

Wedding Lake Shore Country Club

Erie, Pennsylvania

"Shawn You are so much more than an Entertainment Director!  Your personality and professionalism is PERFECT! I received so many compliments on the music, DJ and how the dance floor was full all night! You were absolutely fabulous!  You were a true gem to have at my wedding! Shawn had great ideas and made me feel like he cared about my wedding as much as I did! Memories In Motion is the "complete package" and you can't find anyone better!"

-Stephanie and Dr. Jeffrey Respecki-

Wedding Sheraton Bayfront

Erie, Pennsylvania

“You made our wedding unique and about the bride and groom with your attention to detail. You did a great job. Thanks for listening, informing and helping in anything we asked for! Thanks for being awesome!"

-Amy and Jeff Lukasik-

Wedding Caper's Catering

Erie, Pennsylvania

People have talked about our wedding for months...

"You are professional, classy, fun, experienced and talanted. You did a good job at picking which songs to play at the right times to get the people moving and dancing.  Thank you for making our reception so fun. We appreciate that you kept the party going! Our friends and us agree that our reception was a blast!"

-Emily and Dan Rice-

Wedding Bel-Aire

Erie, Pennsylvania

"People have talked about our wedding for months after it was over. Everyone had an amazing time! Nobody remembers the food or cake, but everyone remembers having fun and being able to let loose. I am in no way exaggerating when I say you made our event. You were amazingly organized about what to play and when to play it. I am so thankful we were able to book you for our event, thank you for making our reception amazing!"

-Michelle and Bradley Hausmann-

Wedding Bayfront Convention Center

Erie, Pennsylvania

"A DJ was much more affordable than a band and covered a wide array of music. I chose you because I had been to another wedding where you were working and thought you were probably the best DJ I had encountered in Erie. I loved the energy in the room during our entrance. It was great having everyone on their feet cheering us on! I loved how you played for the crowd when it was time to dance… It was a great variety which kept the dance floor going! I had many people say that they thought my DJ was great and that it was one of the best weddings they had ever been to! Without a doubt, hire Shawn! He was by far the best vendor I worked with. He was always very responsive to my many emails and questions. It was one thing I knew I didn’t’ have to worry about the day of. He went out of his way to make sure everything flowed smoothly and most importantly he kept the dance floor going. He was always on top of things! Thank you for Everything!"

-Kristin and Andrew Peden-

Wedding Masonic Temple Camelot

Erie, Pennsylvania

Who remembers non-stop dancing at our wedding?

"Shawn was professional, organized, and fun to work with. He was a great emcee for my event and kept all of my other vendors on task so I could focus on enjoying my day. Although we chose our must play songs we left the majority of the music selection up to him and he totally delivered! Our guests were entertained and couldn't stop gushing about how much fun they had!"

-Jillian and Matthew Young-

Wedding Peek'N Peak

Clymer, New York

"Who remembers non-stop dancing at our wedding? Or our R&R monogram design being projected on the wall...The club worthy "Get low, get low" big entrance by our bridal party to our reception...Not to mention the surprise group sing of Happy Birthday for Rich. All of these details were perfectly handled by Shawn Steele. If you're getting married in Erie, I highly recommend his Memories in Motion. Check out their page below. Having planned our wedding from Australia, it says a lot that at I didn't have to stress over any of the elements that Shawn was handling. Our other vendors, yes, but not Shawn!"

-Rebecca and Richard Gibbs-

Wedding Ambassador Ball-Room

Erie, Pennsylvania

"Shawn - Our heartfelt thanks for your work at our reception. Your upfront preparation really put us at ease on our big day. Not to mention you really got the entire reception on their feet - it was incredible. Thank you for helping to make our wedding so memorable!"

-Cathy and Shaun Snarski-

Wedding Bel-Aire

Erie, Pennsylvania

People are still telling us how much fun they had at the wedding

"Shawn you got everyone on the dance floor-and kept them there! You announced everyone into the room and pronounced their names correctly.  You helped us stay 'organized' - you knew exactly what was going to happen in the exact order it happened. You helped us feel at ease while playing the music we liked and not playing the music we didn't like."

-Caitlin and Will Gerber-

Wedding Bayfront Sheraton

Erie, Pennsylvania DJ

“We heard you personally were awesome, so we knew we had to book you and it was true!  Your individual attention prior to the wedding was amazing.  You had everyone up dancing all night; young and old! Loved the UP-Lighting. We really appreciate your attention and making us feel so comfortable with our night. There is no other choice! You will not be disappointed! Thank you."

-Jamie and Gregory Rinderle-

Wedding Erie Yacht Club

Erie, Pennsylvania DJ

“Our guests didn't want to leave because they were having a great time!. You got people dancing early and the dance floor was packed until the very end! Not only did our guests have a blast but so did we! You played all the right music to keep people dancing and having fun.  Even though we planned our wedding from Virginia, you kept us stress free. The Memories Photo Booth was a blast! You were great! There is nothing we would want to change! People are still telling us how much fun they had at the wedding!"

-Julie and Andy Neville-

Wedding Concourse of Union Station

Erie, Pennsylvania DJ

You did more than just DJ...

“You did more than just DJ, you really set the scene and made the venue look amazing with the UP-Lighting and set up, we loved how everything looked.  You did a great job of incorporating our wishes into your performance. You checked with us on the timing of several things and details throughout the night, which was very appreciated and in a way that didn't interrupt anything and made it all so easy and quick. There were so many unexpected extra touches that really helped make it such a fun and special night. Several guests from different age groups came up to me the next day at brunch and said the music was wonderful. You picked the perfect amount of songs from across genres and time periods to keep everyone happy and having fun. Everyone loved the Memories Photo Booth and the Memory Book of all the pictures is a wonderful keepsake. Leading up to the event, you were incredibly responsive and thoughtful. That level of professionalism made us very confident in choosing you.  We know you took our wedding seriously and that made us feel special.  We feel so lucky and happy that you DJ'd our special night! We had the best time ever!"

-Anna and Michael Dubansky-

Wedding Anthenaeum Hotel

Chautauqua, New York DJ

"Shawn definitely got everyone dancing!! You did an excellent job of balancing the music I wanted to hear with the music my friends wanted to dance to.  The dance floor was packed all night and that was exactly what we wanted!!! He is the best in town. Don't expect him to play a song-by-song list of music, his job is to get people on the dance floor and he does a fantastic job. Schedule early, he books quickly. Thank you so much for making our wedding spectacular!!!!!"

-Renee and Daniel Mandel-

Wedding Yacht Club

Erie, Pennsylvania

"You really called the shots about timing and the music! The best! Don't change, be yourself because you are amazing! Shawn is the best, if you don't have Shawn I am not coming! Thank you! We couldn't have imagined anyone else making our special day wonderful!!"

-Jillian and Jason Zaczyk-

Wedding - Peek N' Peak

Clymer, New York

It was great to see our guests having such a great...

"Our Wedding was awesome! I loved the energy throughout the night. It was great to see our guests having such a great time on the dance floor! You made it such a fun party, we all had a blast! I would highly recommend you to anyone. It is so important to have someone you can trust to do a great job and be available any time you need them leading up to the wedding and you were great! Our wedding was perfect!"

-Ashley and Derek Hock-

Wedding Bayfront Sheraton

Erie, Pennsylvania

"I don't know what we would have done if Shawn was not the DJ during our wedding. He was so professional, so patient and so kind. He acted as if he was the event manager or planner. I don't know how to thank him and I am so grateful to be able to work with him."

-Candan & Jesse Olcer/Thornton-

Wedding Bayfront Sheraton

Erie, Pennsylvania

"I couldn’t have imagined our wedding without DJ Shawn Steele! From the first day we met with him, there was something that told us that no other DJ would compare. He truly delivered a PARTY to our reception with the utmost class, but also kept things rocking. As a bride, you have a fear that things will not run smoothly and you’ll be left having to organize your reception and make sure that every detail is perfect, but I didn’t have a worry with Shawn. He was very professional and took the reigns on the evening, allowing me to relax and take in every moment. If anyone is looking for a DJ to complete their perfect day, I can say with all of the confidence in the world to choose DJ Shawn Steele! We also opted to utilize Memories in Motion for Up-Lighting and the photo booth and could not have been happier. This is such a great business and we are fortunate to have had them as a part of our special day! Thank you for all you did."

-Alicia & Jason Duris/Coe-

Wedding Andrus Banquet Center

Ashtabula, Ohio

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