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Photo Montage Wedding DJ Shawn Steele Erie, PA

Memories Photo Montage
Take a reflective look back on your wedding day with a Memories Photo Montage.  Let your guests get to know you by sharing the story of your life! Your guests will gaze in amazement as they watch your transformation from infants to the people that you've become. They will feel that they are part of your celebration as they laugh and awe in cheerful remembrance. The entire montage will be set to music with special effects and will play during dinner or your cocktail hour. The DVD will be yours to keep, allowing you to enjoy your Memories Photo Montage for years to come.

"The Photo Montage took my breath away. I’ve watched it every day. Thank you for making it for us. It’s something we will treasure for ever”
-Loree and Adam Benigni-

Great idea for wedding favors

"Andy and I loved the idea of the photo slide show. I definitely wanted one at our reception and thought I would have to plan and set it up myself. When you told me about the option, I was thrilled. It was one less thing I had to do and you did a better job than I ever could have. The slide show was shown during our cocktail hour and it was a great conversation piece for out guests. Our parents loved it as well.”
-Christine and Andrew Horwath-

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