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What does a DJ do for you?

It used to be that a DJ would show up preferably on time and play music, make a few announcements and pack up. Not in this day and age. A good #Erie DJ or #Pittsburgh DJ will Plan your entire entertainment needs right down to the color of the lighting to the toasts to be given anwhere in the room. Many places don't have a Wedding Planner, so guess what, that is now the job of a good #Wedding DJ. You need direction and we will give it to you. Many people shop for a DJ based on price alone. We are not a blender, brand A, we are a service and many services are quite different. You have to decide how important a DJ is to your event. If it is important, find out what the DJ will do for you and choose wisely. Our first job is to pack your dance floor and give you something to talk about; not all DJs can do that. Alos, as always, don't take the DJs word for it, listen to their clients; here is a few of ours...!wedding-dj/c1zvd

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