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Every DJ IS NOT a Wedding DJ!

If you are looking for a DJ for your Wedding, You're Once-In-A-Lifetimes event, hire a Wedding DJ! A Wedding DJ is a person who does weddings for a living. Also, he or she does it Full-Time. Ask your friends on Facebook who they recommend? Meet with your Wedding DJ, as well as your other vendors. Get references from their last 3 wedding, not references from 5 years ago. It is not a good idea to ask them to come see them in action because weddings are a private affair and you wouldn't want strangers coming to your wedding. This is your first and last wedding. You have a learning curve and you have to take the time to learn if you want a truly successful event. A few good questions to ask your Wedding DJ, as well as yourself... 1) Do you like what you do? Think about that... If they don't love what they do, why would you hire them because they are $200? 2) Do you want your Classy and Fun Wedding to be a party? Ask how he/she will do that for you? 3) How much planning goes into planning my wedding? Will he/she show up and "Fly by the seat of their pants" or will they have an agenda and a timeline that will work with your wishes and help the flow of the evening? 4) Experience or youth? You don't need a youthful Wedding DJ to have new music played at your wedding and you don't need an experienced Wedding DJ to make sure your wedding Rocks! You need someone that quite simply knows what they are doing and have proven themselves. 5) Can I give you a playlist? Any good Wedding DJ should be able to incorporate your requests into the mix. DO NOT give them a list of 200 songs. They won't ever get to play them all; they won't know what ones are important and you are paying them to play what works for your crowd. 10 requests should be enough. Go with your gut when making your decision. That is, don't go with your heart, it could lead you astray and don't go with your head, it will talk you into anything. What is your gut saying about how this particular Wedding DJ is going to make you look like a million dollars on the most important day of your life?

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