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When do we cut our cake?

According to “I do! I do!” by Susan Waggoner, “The tradition of feeding each other cake, derives from the solemn promise of the bride and groom to provide for each other. The size of the piece the bride feeds her husband is said to symbolize the size of her love for him. The amount of frosting the groom can leave on her lips indicates the sweetness of the life he will give her. To seal their mutual bargain, they share a sticky kiss.”

A Wedding DJ often takes on the role of a Wedding Planner because there isn't one. You and your guests have to look somewhere for direction, so here is my take on just one aspect of your wedding. Should you cut your cake when you first enter your reception (after being announced) or after dinner?

I have seen couples spend thousands on a cake, so the first thought to enter my mind is why cut it and have it carried away as soon as you enter? It is a decoration and dessert so I would say cut your cake directly after dinner. Something else to think about, some of your older guests stay until the cake is cut before they head home, so give them some time to enjoy and celebrate with you. Cutting the cake is a good transition to letting your guests know that dancing is going to start.

Cutting the cake does help the hall so that they can serve a slice as soon as dinner is finished, but does it benefit you and the type of wedding that you have been planning?

Fun Fact: Have you heard about saving a piece of your wedding cake? The original custom was to save a piece to share when the first child was born. Try doing that today with cakes that aren't soaked heavily with rum and brandy!

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